I chose not to interpret the probable points

Looking forward, as you can see, in the images below, virtually all the features are exhibited only in a numerical value, which is not very practical for Astellia Online Asper.For instance, a player decided to pump the bow to crit and instead of the usual percent chance of critical harm, he will observe a numerical value where nothing is apparent. – defense and physical attack – increases. – AGI – increases physical precision and evasion. – DEX – as I understand that increases the harm and directly the likelihood, and, is accountable for the parameters related to physical crit. – CON – is responsible for CP and power indicators. – INT – defense and raises magic attack. – WIS – increases magic accuracy. – KNW – responsible for the parameters associated with the magic crit.

There are parameters, which basically describe in detail exactly how you developed your character, I chose not to interpret the probable points, since a lot of them are intuitive. However, one of them there are, so to speak,”special” ones, today having read their significance, I realized that here the Korean developers decided to come up with something confusing and complicated at first glance.Below from the list I’ll often use the words”status effects”, since I wished to interpret since it is written there, you can safely just replace them with the word”buff” or”debuff” determined by the circumstance.

- Strength – increases the effectiveness of spells that are physical. – Physical Status Hit Rate – Increases the precision of the status effects. – Physical Status Duration – reduces the likelihood that the opponent will instantly get rid of the bodily impacts of the status as soon as they are implemented. – Evasion – raises the chance to dodge physical / magic attacks. – Critical Evasion – Reduces the possibility that a character is going to get physical / magical critical harm. – Status Evasion – increases the chance to guard against the magical effects of standing. – Status Effectiveness – lessens the efficacy of ones and increases the effectiveness of status’ positive physical / magical effects. – Status Healing Rate – raises the chance to remove the physical / magical impacts of the status.

Taking into account the aforementioned attributes, let’s take a bow and its initial skill, which hangs out a debuff on the enemy, allowing you to inflict greater damage with some skills.As a result, when you use it, the personality can only overlook, hit the ability with no buff, or hit with the capability, hang a buff, then the opponent simply removes it.It would seem that such a situation cannot happen with mobs, but the previous two cases have occurred to me a few times already, due to that initially I was a little confused, since I did not understand what was happening.

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